Investment potential

Canacona boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in Goa, Agonda, Palolem, Patnem, Rajbag and Galjibag to name but a few, and the beaches here are becoming ever more popular for foreign tourists trying to get away from the hectic lifestyles of their cities back home. The tourism here differs from that of the North of Goa, which receives the majority of the charter tourists who stay for 2-3 weeks at a time. In comparison the tourists in this part of Goa predominantly stay for longer periods of time, for 3-4 months and even longer, preferring to stay here during the cold and wet seasons of the European climate. Since we are already in the hospitality sector running and owning a number of guesthouses and resorts we have a better working knowledge of the market than most people, as we (both the company directors) have been living here in the Cancona district for over 7 years now.

Having catered to the tourism sector for many years we found ONE common demand from ALL of the tourists, and that was for decent self-catering accommodation. You simply CANNOT find any nice and clean accommodation here which has a kitchen, regardless of how much money you are willing to pay!


The ONLY accommodation available here are the beach shacks OR the 5 star Intercontinental resort (which is just 1 km from our developments). Beach shacks charge Rs 2000-6000 per NIGHT, and the Intercontinental room rates START from Rs 13,000 per night up to Rs 25,000 per night in high season.

There are simply NO 3 or 4 star self catering rooms available, this is the market in which we are developing. We have estimated a very conservative amount of Rs 1500-2000 per night for 1 BHK (Rs 60,000 per month), 3000-4000 for a 2 BHK (Rs 1,20,000 per month), and for a 3BHK Townhouse around 5000-6000 per night (Rs 1,80,000 per month). The season here lasts for around 8 months, so we assume that we will be fully booked for 4 months of the year (taking in account the peak and off-peak times), that still will give you rentals in the region of 10% a year, and this too is a VERY conservative amount and we would expect rentals to be far higher in the future.

We have been seeing and studying the steady rise in tourism in Canacona for many years now, and also the ever increasing tourism from the domestic sector to the area. The Intercontinental 5 star resort for example remains constantly busy with weddings, conferences, film shoots etc. The hotel has over 250 rooms and in many cases throughout the year they simply cannot cater for the amount of clients they receive, this is where we will bridge the gap, catering for the overspill of clients from their hotel. In addition we are already in talks with a number of travel agents and tour operators both from within India and from abroad to cater for charter tourists which we will be the pioneers of in the Canacona area.

There are simply to many opportunities here in Canacona to simply write about in a website, it really has to be seen to be believed. This is why we invite ALL of our customers to the site at any opportunity. Whereas many companies hide behind glossy brochures or websites, we simply cannot do this place justice by simply writing about it, the quality and location of our projects will simply take your breath away, so we welcome site visits wholeheartedly.

Our previous clientele includeBollywood stars, Doctors, Lawyers, Navy Pilots, Teachers, Bank Managers and Non-resident Indians (NRI's) from 7 different countries.
A few reminders, we are THE first and THE only business offering these kinds of second homes in the whole of the Canacona district. The properties that we are currently building will become priceless, as there is a huge restriction of settlement land to build upon, and secondly once other developers even realize what a huge potential market there is here, it will be too late, property prices by then will have doubled, and there won’t be any land left to build upon.

The time to take action is now, and be ahead of the pack.